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Favicons (short for favorite icons) are avatars for your store. In the same way that your avatar on Facebook represents you, your favicon represents your store. Your favicon is as much a part of your brand as your store design or logo.

Your customers expect to see a favicon. Think of the little shopping bag you see when you visit your shop's backend or the little G you see whenever you do a Google search. Favicons are one thing that differentiates a good store from a great one.

Here at PoolParty we are smart enough to recognize that we don't know everything there is to know about favicons. Instead of coming up with our own subpar solution we decided to leverage the power of the RealFaviconGenerator API to make sure that your favicon looks great everywhere.

This app couldn't be simpler. Just drop in a single image and favicons for all major operating systems (Windows & OSX), web browsers (Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome) and platforms (iOS & Android) will be generated and uploaded to your Shopify site.