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Do you?

  • Sell a variety of different items or varying size and weight that ship from multiple locations?
  • Work with vendors who utilize print on demand technology?
  • Want greater control over your shipping rates?
  • Love super powerful and easy to use software?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to give DropRates a try.

The current problem

We’ve worked with many Shopify sellers who take advantage of these technologies and they’ve struggled with making sure they are charging the right amount for shipping. They either end up charging the customer too much or even worse not enough. The built in shipping features aren’t set up for these kind of stores.

DropRates: the solution

With DropRates you can now set shipping rates per vendor and/or per product type. If one of your customers buys an iPhone case from one vendor that ships from California and a t-shirt from a vendor that ships from Texas you’ll be able to charge the exact right amount for shipping.

We’ve also worked really hard to make our app dead simple to use. The app is contained all within Shopify, no having to go to an external site to set it up. Also all the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes and set up couldn’t be easier. We want you to be able to set this up quickly and move on to other things like growing your business.