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Setting up DropRates

Accessing DropRates

To set up DropRates first click on the Apps link in the sidebar of your Shopify Dashboard.

Shopify App


Then click on the DropRates app card.

Turning it on/off

At very top you’ll find a switch that allows you to turn DropRates on and off.

This is handy if you want to turn it off while you make changes to your shipping rates. 

Setting Domestic Country

DropRates has two zones, domestic and international.

The country you select here will be the domestic country and will be charged the domestic rate. All other countries will be charge the international rate.

Setting Fallback Rule

The best way to set up DropRates is to make sure you have a rule that covers every vendor and/or product type.

The fallback rule only comes into play when you have an item that isn’t covered by the specific rules. It’s like a backup rule.

Creating your rules

We’ve tried to make the rule creation process as simple as possible.

When you create a new rule the vendor dropdown will be populated with all the vendors currently on your site.

Once you’ve selected a vendor a product type dropdown will appear with a list of all the product types currently on your site under that vendor.

If you want to apply the same shipping rates for all product types for a particular vendor then choose “default” under the product type dropdown.


What is Real Time Carrier Shipping?

To allow our app to work you need to have real time carrier shipping enabled on your account. This is the only way to set custom shipping rates. This feature comes free with all unlimited plans.

We know that most of you aren’t on the unlimited plan and for you this feature can be added to your plan for $20/month. You just need to contact Shopify at or +1-888-746-7439.

Also when you talk to a Shopify guru they usually will offer to give you this feature for free if you switch from monthly billing to annual billing.

Need more help?

If our documentation still didn’t answer your question please contact us at hello(at) and we’ll help you further.