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Introducing StatusNotes

Posted by Nick on

I'm really excited to announce that our latest app is now live. StatusNotes was conceived while attending Shopify Unite in March. We attended a session where it was made very clear that it's super important for the post-purchase process to be rock solid. In this session they also announced that they were allowing you to add information to the order status page. This seemed like such a powerful new feature that I emailed one of our developers before the session was even over and we started working on it. 

Basically the premise is your customers are most happy when they know what the heck is going on with their order. While you can put processing times and such on the product listing page it makes more sense for this information to be right where they will be looking for it, on the order status page. If you keep your customers informed and happy they will not only come back but they will also recommend you to their friends.

If you think this app would be useful you can check it out here.